Beast Orange Athletic Men’s Crew Socks
Beast Orange Athletic Men’s Crew Socks
YO Sox

Beast Orange Athletic Men’s Crew Socks

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You know you need these socks. The Red “Beast” Athletic Threads are a small but mighty accessory to help you look and feel your BEAST (see what we did there?).

Our Athletic Threads are socks designed to perform. From flat sewn graphics that reduce skin irritation to breathable mesh on top of the foot, we’ve got you covered. A reinforced sole adds extra strength and a compression band around the middle of the foot ensures precision fit and reduced fatigue. Ideal for weightlifting, cross-fit, cycling and high intensity workouts.



Your Yo Sox are guaranteed to be the perfect fit and length for optimal comfort. Our tightly wound double spun cotton means your socks will stay the same size without stretching.


Stay fresh all day. Anti-microbial and breathable so your feet stay clean and fresh all day, and stop your feet from stinking.

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